Thunder Train


In December 2018, I was invited by my friend Harry Levenstein to fire a newly constructed train kiln at Mill Creek Pottery.  This kiln was designed and built by Simon Levin with Harry over eighteen months at Simons newly established studio in Pawnee Illinois, the kiln is called the Thunder Train. 


Photo by Emily Kraus

We had a fantastic crew made up of past, present and aspiring apprentices of Simon. We were fed well and welcomed graciously by Simon and his family. This firing was the last in Harrys' apprenticeship at Mill Creek so he was leading the charge of our crew and all that entailed firing this beautiful wood kiln.

Photo by Emily Kraus

The firing ran smoothly and we had many beauties emerge come unloading day. It was a pretty even 48 hours of active firing with an 8 hour down fire and 3 days cooling.

I gain a lot from experiences like these beyond the firing itself. I feel grateful for the community that happens around the wood kiln the artists who choose to share their kilns, knowledge and time with me.

Without them, I would have a lot of uncooked pots! Thank you Simon and everyone at Mill Creek. 

Photo by Emily Kraus

handmade by 

Kate Kennedy

kpk ceramics, handmade pottery, wood-fired pottery, Victoria BC, 

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